Welcome to Aletheo

To those of you that have found us, congratulations.

Learn more about technical side of first post2earn protocol
and next-generation god protocol in whitepaper 0.6
Don't miss any breadcrumbs and hints ;)

Deposit your BUSD in exchange for LET tokens.
Founder shares will have double voting power.
Your LET tokens will have a vesting schedule.
You will be able to sell your locked tokens on Aletheo OTC market.
By promoting Aletheo, you will be able to speed up the release of your tokens.

Price: {{displayExchangeRate}} BUSD / LET

Your LET tokens: {{ displayFounderLet }} {{ displayFounderLetToAdd }}
Total amount sold: {{ amountSoldRounded }} / {{ founding.maxSold }} LET

Coming Soon

Welcome to Aletheo

Get cozy, have a read: whitepaper 0.6

Realize: it is unstoppable.

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{{treasury.posterRewardsAvailable.toFixed(2)}}/{{treasury.posterRewards.toFixed(2)}} LET
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{{staking.founderRewards.toFixed(2)}} LET
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You have {{displayStake}} LET locked out of total {{staking.totalLetStaked.toFixed(2) }} LET locked.
Lock LET for at least 25 days to get {{letStakingAPY}}% APY,
up to 26x bonus to poster rewards and voting power increase

You have {{displayLPStake}} {{nativeTokenSymbol}}-LET LP staked.
Stake {{nativeTokenSymbol}}-LET LP in liquidity manager
to protect your liquidity from downtrends and decrease impermanent loss

Approve {{nativeTokenSymbol}}-LET LP

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