First post-to-earn hype machine

The project is in an active early stage development phase. Front-end is a bit clunky as of now, but not for long. If you need any sort of help either with current front-end or with the protocol in general, APY clarification, feel free to come to our: Telegram or Discord.

MarketCap: $0

Total LET locked: 0

LET APY: 0% [?]

Post-to-earn EVERYWHERE

Starting from anonymous imageboards and now with twitter and telegram support, Aletheo will conquer the internet. Not just social networks, forums and chats, not just web 2.0 and web 3.0, it will come to in-game chats, it will come to closed communities. It will be everywhere. Posters earn LET tokens just for having fun posting on the internet.

EIP-3561 Trust-Minimized Proxy

EIP-3561 was specifically designed for Aletheo. All contracts except non-upgradeable Founding Event are behind new proxy standard, trust-minimized proxy, it disallows to upgrade the contracts suddenly and without participants noticing it. The game theory makes protocols under EIP-3561 unruggable. Attention: proxies will be locked after the audit.

Optimistic Liquidity Model

The model is a balance of incentives which was specifically designed for Aletheo. Tokenomics and Optimistic Liquidity Model